Senpai Cosplay Cruise 2019

The Cruise is Coming!
7 Day Caribbean Adventure
March 2nd thru 9th, 2019

Does Your Cosplay Need a Change of Latitude?



Discover places you've never been before in a relaxed, vacation-friendly atmosphere.



Bring a friend and meet new ones while cruising the ocean. We already have cosplay in common.



Bring your cosplay! This unique experience is designed by cosplayers for cosplayers. 

About our cruise

Not Your Average Excurison

The Senpai Cosplay Cruise is a unique, custom-tailored adventure vacation for cosplayers who are looking for new experiences. Organized by Rosie Van Schoor of Rosie's Creative, LLC and Christie Bianco of Suitcase Swagger, LLC, this is one kick-ass adventure on the high seas... specifically designed for Cosplayers by Cosplayers!  

Yes, We're Actually Doing This

The Senpai Cosplay Cruise is a real, honest-to-goodness cruise to a magical place of tropical goodness. It is being hosted on Norweigian Cruise Line's newest ship named "Bliss",  and includes events such as a Cocktail Reception, Group Dinners & Brunches, Off-Ship Photography Excursions, Private Photo Shoots on the Vessel, and Cosplay-centric Breakout Sessions... in addition to all the other great amenities that come with cruise vacations.

Did We Mention Cosplay?

Bring your friends, meet new friends, and don't forget your costumes! While you're enjoying everything the cruise has to offer, you'll also have unique, one-of-a-kind opportunities for photography, learning, and fun. This is not a convention, but rather a gathering of costumers and makers who share a passion for anime, geek culture, costuming, and adventure. We're here to nurture the cosplay spirit!

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The Latest Cruise News

02/20/2019: THE CRUISE IS COMING! Only 10 More Days!

02/19/2019: Nassau Jungle Excursion Tickets Have Been Extended! The last day to purchase in now March 1st. Get Them Now: Exclusive Excursions

01/14/2019: The St. Thomas Private Beach Excursion Booking Deadline has been extended! Please book by March 1st for this excursion. You can find details on this page: Exclusive Excursions

New Adventure Opportunities

No upcoming events.

Get to Know Us

Join our group, participate in the discussion, and help us plan the cruise in advance of our set-sail date in 2019.
You'll love getting to know members of the group in advance!

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