About the Event

Our Inspiration for Something Different

An Extraordinary Adventure

The Senpai Cosplay Cruise is the product of two veteran industry insiders - Rosie Van Schoor and Christie Bianco. Rosie has been a pro-level cosplayer for 15 years,  and Christie has been a highly sought-after travel industry insider for more than a decade. These two ladies combined their professional excellence, geeky enthusiasm, and love of travel to create a totally new experience - the custom-tailored cosplay cruise.

Part Cosplay Adventure & Part Vacation Excursion - The not-for-profit cosplay cruise offers all of the fun of a traditional cruise, with all of the creative energy of cosplay, without the drama and noise of the convention crowd. 

Senpai Cosplay Cruise has created a unique space just for cosplayers, designed to encourage the art form, foster the creative community, and nurture the adventurous spirit. This year, we're starting with a small but supportive group of 30 to 80 cosplayers and volunteers as we "test the waters".... but who knows? Someday, we may charter the entire vessel!

Senpai Cosplay Curise welcomes you on our high seas adventure. Who knows what lies beyond the ocean's horizon? Let's discover it together! 

Captain & Crew

Event Coordinator: Rosie Van Schoor


Our Fearless Leader, Rosie Van Schoor is the owner of Rosie's Creative, LLC and is 1/2 of the cosplay duo known as Clever Girl Cosplay. In both her professional and cosplay careers, Rosie focuses on the trully unique, exceptional and inspirational.  Award-winning design runs in her blood.

Travel Agent: Christie Bianco


Our Travel Agent Extraordinaire, Christie Bianco is the owner and operator of Suitcase Swagger, LLC. Christie's travel design agency is focused on special interest travel with unique twists - think wine tours of Bordeaux, foodie tours of Italy, or a book lover’s cruise with a famous author. 

Event Sponsors


Suitcase Swagger is a travel design company that creates vacations as unique as each traveler.   Our doors opened in 2013 when founder Christie Bianco decided to turn her lifelong passion into a career.  Could she put her extensive experience traveling the world into helping others travel the world?  Well...YES!  That's exactly what she did and she has never looked back.  Christie is the founder and Chief Travel Officer.

Travel Much

Rosie’s Creative, LLC is a creative design, development and marketing agency located in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded by Rosie Van Schoor in 2013, Rosie’s Creative has grown from humble beginnings to become the premier resource for local businesses, government agencies, and non-profits. With a strong focus on modern, consumer-facing technology like the web and social media, Rosie’s Creative provides comprehensive results.

Inspire More

We Thee Geeks is a Community founded in late 2014 by three nerdy girls who want nothing more than to share and discuss their interests and new information with a widely diverse fan base. 

Topics of reoccurring interest include, but are not limited to: Anime, Comics, Cosplay, Games (table top, PC, console, etc.), J-Fashion, Manga, Movies, Pop Culture, Shows... and More!

Have Fun


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Join Our Group & Get to Know Us

Join our group, participate in the discussion, and help us plan the cruise in advance of our set-sail date in 2019.  You'll love getting to know members of the group in advance! 

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