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Short & Sweet FAQ

1. Is the Cruise Accessible?

This ship is ADA compliant.  Please let Christie Bianco of Suitcase Swagger know if you have special requirements so that the port accessibility can be verified, the appropriate stateroom can be booked, etc.  Phone 410-274-7583, Email

This link has accessibility information about this cruise line if you’d like to see what types of accommodations they can make.  

2. Do I Need a Passport?

Yes, as this ship is traveling to multiple countries you will need a passport. 

Passport forms can be found here. Travel.State.Gov also has information on fees, process, timeline, renewal, etc.

3. What Am I Not Allowed to Bring on the Cruise?

You may not bring any type of drink or alcohol, including bottled water, when you board. We have included the Ultimate Drink Package with your ticket price, so all SCC guests will have access to bottled water, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, etc.

Please choose cosplay weapons carefully. Absolutely no live steel or functional, projectile-style weapons allowed.  

View the full list of restricted items.

4. Does the Ship Offer WiFi?

Yes, the ship offers WIFI. 


One of the group amenities is a 250 minutes WIFI package. You may select this amenity if you like and it will be included in your cruise price. 


You may also purchase an unlimited WIFI package for $209.93 if 250 minutes is not sufficient.  The unlimited WIFI package can be purchased on the Norwegian site after you have booked and within 60 days of sailing.  

Don’t select both the WIFI group amenity AND the unlimited WIFI package -  this will be a waste of money.  With both WIFI options, only one device can be connected to WIFI at a time, but you can use as many devices as you like throughout the cruise.  You may also share the minutes between roommates.  Just keep in mind it covers one device at a time.    

5. Is This Cruise Exclusive to SCC or Will There Be Other Passengers?

Our first SCC ship will be full of other guests that are not part of this group.  However, we will be having a group only cocktail hour, dinner, brunch, excursions, and other group-only exclusives. 

6. Can I Invite Other People to Come With Me?

Yes! Please feel free to invite other cosplayers, family, and friends.

Important Note: The minimum age requirement for SCC is 21 (if traveling alone) and 16 (if traveling with a guardian over the age of 21). 

Traveling Alone? Need a Roommate?  We are offering roommate matching based on age and gender. Please contact Christie Bianco of Suitcase Swagger for details. She will keep a list of those looking to be paired up, and will help coordinate your room booking.  This service is entirely dependent upon the number of guests participating, and does not guarantee paired passage.

Download the Full FAQ

This file will be regularly updated as new questions arise. The current FAQ PDF includes detailed information about the Cruise, Amenities, Volunteering, Breakout Sessions, Photograpy/Creative Services and more. File Last Updated on 03/14/2018

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