Get Your FAQs Straight

Short & Sweet FAQ

1. Do I Need a Passport?

Yes, as this ship is traveling to multiple countries and you will need a passport.  Passport forms can be found here. Travel.State.Gov also has information on fees, process, timeline, renewal, etc.

2. What Am I Not Allowed to Bring on the Cruise?

You may not bring any type of drink or alcohol, including bottled water, when you board. We have included the Ultimate Drink Package with your ticket price, so all SCC guests will have access to alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, etc.

Please choose cosplay weapons carefully. Absolutely no live steel or functional, projectile-style weapons allowed. Cruise ships are vary particular about weapons, toys that look like weapons, and even metal tools. Be sure to View the full list of restricted items before you attempt to board.

3. Does the Ship Offer WiFi?

Yes, cruise ships offer various WiFi packages which can be purchased per individual cruiser.  Please check with the cruiseline for current Wifi Package Details & Pricing. 

4. Can Other Cruisers Participate in Senpai Cosplay Cruise?

In an effort to be fair to all of our paid participants, it is our policy at Senpai Cosplay Cruises that you MUST be a paid group member to participate in our events.  There are no exceptions. 

Downloadable FAQ, information & Official Policies

These files will be regularly updated as new information arises. 

The current FAQ PDF includes detailed information about the Cruise, Amenities, Volunteering, Breakout Sessions, Photograpy/Creative Services and more. 

If you haven't read the COMPLETE FAQ yet, STOP EVERYTHING and read it now.

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