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Some Things to Consider

Free Food & Drinks

Did we mention FREE FOOD & DRINKS? Everyone gets FOOD INCLUDED with an option to upgrade their dining experience. FREE BEVERAGE UPGRADE is included for the first 2 passengers in each room. Get details in the FAQ. 

Room Sizes

Cruise ships are big vessels, but the rooms tend to be small. Why? Because you aren't meant to stay in them for very long. We recommend 2 person per room reservations, whenever possible. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip.


Strategic packing is a must. If you're flying in, extra bags can mean extra airline fees. The cruise recommends a 2 bag per person limit. Rooms with more than 2 people, and 2 bags per person. will get full quickly. Props should be small and compact.

cruise pricing & Related Information

Cruise prices provided include taxes and fees. Gratuities and service charges are not included. Please be sure to download and read the FAQ PDF posted on the FAQ page for details.

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